Garden maintenance contract

Model contract for garden maintenance

All services are carried out according to the current “generally recognized rules of technology”, which result from the DIN standards and the quality principles of the Federal Association of Gardening, Landscaping and Sports Field Construction. V. Bonn.


Smaller waste

will be completely removed from the entire property with each maintenance.



Trees up to 4 m high are treated with corrective cuts in the event of incorrect growth. The care of trees that exceed 4 m in height is limited to a visual vitality check. Fruit trees are pruned annually. If necessary, bushes are professionally cared for with a maintenance cut in accordance with their natural habitus. Windows are kept clear and dead wood is removed.


Topiary trees and hedges

Deciduous hedges are cut three times a year if necessary. Coniferous hedges once a year. All topiary plants as required.


Flower beds

are regularly relaxed as far as possible. Retired perennials and dried-up blooms and fruit clusters are removed.


Paths and squares and parking spaces

vegetation are always freed and swept if necessary.


Unwanted growth

in vegetation areas and eaves edges is constantly being removed. Non-established climbing plants are removed from the facade also.



Mowing takes place from a stalk height of around 10 cm. The clippings are used as mulch or removed. Lawn care includes overseeding in bare spots and, if necessary, raking of leaves, twigs, fruits and cones.


Foliage removal

Larger amounts of leaves are removed immediately. The removal of the remaining leaves takes place after the leaf fall has ended. Gutters below 4 m are checked and cleaned at least once a year.



Play equipment is inspected for damage and hazards through a visual inspection. Play sand is checked regularly.


Drainage facilities

Gutters and drains are cleaned if necessary.


Voluntary plant deliveries

Small replanting to beautify the garden is included. With the exception of orders by the client, these are not to be paid for separately.


Perennial care

Perennials and grasses are kept vital and aesthetic by dividing and transplanting them.


Master plan at the beginning of the year

In order to maintain the value and upgrade the property, the client is given necessary and possible work in the form of design proposals and non-binding offers.


flow of information

Dangers, damage, severe pest infestation and the like are reported immediately.


Special features of the cheaper ecological care:

Deadwood hedges instead of disposal costs - at the same time creating living spaces for birds and insects

Lawns are mowed less often depending on their use. A wildflower meadow should be aimed for in unused areas, which is only mowed twice a year.

Furthermore, the following services are limited to the bare essentials:


-Leaf removal (except representative areas)

- Weed removal (except representative areas)

-Discharge of green waste


Let us create a suitable offer according to your ideas and the characteristics of your property.


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